VISITING CAR SHOWROOMS: Renault Molnár Autóház in Szeged, Hungary

Despite the fact the Hungarian “local” car brand is Suzuki (Hungarian subsidiary of Suzuki is Magyar Suzuki Corporation, an automobile manufacturing plant located in Esztergom), I’ve decided to choose the Renault showroom Molnár Autóház for my first visit. This decently sized, fairly well organized showroom, located at 8 Dorozsmai Street, houses cars from the French Renault and the Romanian Dacia. As is usual in Europe, and as is the case in Novi Sad, most of the car dealerships in Szeged are located along several streets in the same district. Not only the selection of cars is diverse, but also the choice of test cars seems to be more extensive than is the case in Serbia. As a stark contrast to Renault’s dealerships in Serbia, Molnár Autóház in Szeged has made almost all car models available for a test drive.

Text, photographs by Aleksandar Todorović


At the time of my visit, there were five Renault models available for a test drive, including Clio IV that I expressed interest in. Exhibited cars were almost taking up the entire showroom space, with Renault Capture positioned at the central spot in the room. It easily stood out from all other models with its sleek design and tongue-in-cheek charm. This is a clear contrast to Clio IV, which in comparison looks a bit faded, even conventional. Renault’s in-house designers deserve to be complimented for creating the most beautiful looking crossover on the car market.

attila-renault-molnarAs soon as I entered the showroom, I was greeted by Mr. Halmai Attila, whose knowledgeability and helpfulness are completely on par with the impression that the showroom made on me. Mr. Halmai speaks decent English and has a great knowledge of vehicle features, performances, and other specifications, as well as methods of financing purchase. In addition, Mr. Halmai is not only extremely polite and pleasant to speak to, but also able to provide the potential buyer with an extensive amount of information about any model in the showroom, as well as to give them objective, unprejudiced advice. Salesmen of this caliber are practically impossible to find in Serbia, and I mean it when I say that Mr. Halmai surpasses in knowledge even the well-mannered and equally well-informed staff at Belgrade-based Hit-Auto.

renault-molnar-hungaryEach and every one of my questions was answered in full detail and with sincerity. Mr. Halmai had no bad words to say about the competition such as Ford or Opel, and he also restrained from showering Clio IV with empty praise. Instead of praising the cars he sells to no end, he described them with great moderation. What I really liked about Mr. Halmai is that he genuinely recommends Clio IV 1.2 16V to buyers as a much more reliable and cheaper investment compared to the new 0.9 TCe engine, which has yet to establish its value. I found Mr. Halmai’s method of selling cars to be very honest, and Mr. Halmai himself to be very professional.

In conclusion, I found this experience to be an extremely pleasant one. If you decide to come to Molnár Autóház as a buyer or a simple visitor, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy the experience as much as I did. Of course, in order to buy a car, you’ll have to be able to speak either English or Hungarian.

Renault showroom Molnár Autóház, Szeged

Convenience/availability of location 8
Appearance 8.5
Availability of parking spaces 10
Car selection 8.5
Test drive 8
Car service YES
Overall 8.6


Renault salesman Mr. Halmai Attila
Politeness/attentiveness 10
Technical expertise 10
Knowledge of loan purchase methods 10
Assertiveness 9
Stance towards competition 10
Appearance/dress 9
Overall 9.7
You can find more information about Molnár Autóház on their website The site loads very fast and it’s easy to navigate, so finding the right information about the desired vehicle is very easy and simple. There is a comprehensive photo gallery included. Unfortunately, the site is available only in Hungarian.

Address: Dorozsmai út 8, Szeged, phone: +36 62/420-062.

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